Health Program

Preserving health and saving the lives of parents is fundamental to conserving the families and cultures in the ancient community of Angkor Wat.


In memory of his late wife, Helen, Queensland Pharmacist Chris Bonner contributed significant funds to enable New Hope Cambodia to relocate and expand their one-room medical facility to a large twelve room premises.

The New Hope Cambodia medical team performs approximately 1,200 consultations a month. All medicinal costs are covered by New Hope Cambodia.

The Centre accompanies patients to major Hospitals in Phnom Penh for surgeries, providing transport, family accommodation and support.

Medical supplies needed

We are accepting of all medical donations but please note that it is preferable if all donations remain within the used by or expiry dates. We are grateful for donations but when expired and unusable items are sent it simply creates waste, which we need to pay to dispose of.

If you are unsure as to the usefulness or appropriateness of a donation, please feel free to contact us for clarification.

Medical Clinic Wish List:

  • Normal Saline for irrigation
  • Xeroform impregnated dressing
  • Hyperfix / fixamol / mefix adhesive tape
  • Alcohol / Betadine wipes
  • Batteries for hearing aids
  • Combantrim chocolate squares (worming medicine for children)
  • Liquid mulitivitamins for children under 1 year
  • Adult multivitamins
  • Urine dip sticks with leukocyte detection
  • Syringes (10, 30 & 50ml)
  • Thermometer tempanic (or laser for kids)
  • Dressing packs
  • Simple dressings – Primapore, jelonet or bactigra or similar impregnated gauze, melonin or similar non adhesive pads. (no bandaids please unless they are of a large size)
  • Adhesive foam dressings like mepelex etc
  • Tapes – micropore
  • Surgical masks (without visors)
  • Small size Gloves (non sterile medical grade)
  • Antiseptic spray for wounds (preferably child friendly without alcohol)
  • Toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • Dettol soap for patient use at home
  • Small clothes for children