Community Support

Contributions enable New Hope Cambodia to respond quickly to a range of urgent situations.

The target areas where New Hope Cambodia’s students come from are underdeveloped.

Very few jobs are available for the families of our students, without the tourists in Siem Reap.
During COVID a number of infrastructure projects and road improvements has meant that families have lost their homes.

Our focus is to support these families to ensure that when the school opens after the COVID lockdown, our students will be fed, fit and well enough to return.

Our school provides emergency assistance to families when required. Some examples might be:

  • emergency supplies of rice and basic household needs to those in critical need, including the elderly and New Hope Cambodia’s students and families.

If funds are available we would also like to :

  • provision of basic household goods such as mosquito nets, mats, tarpaulins and cooking utensils for those who have absolutely no way of supporting themselves.
  • build homes for destitute families who have no safe place to reside.
  • renovate existing houses to ensure that they are able to provide adequate protection from the elements.
  • build basic toilets, wells, and install or upgrade water filters for homes and villages to reduce the risk of disease and infection.