About New Hope Cambodia

Working in partnership with donors and volunteers, New Hope Cambodia provides free education, health care and community development services to the people of Mondul Bai.


“To restore hope, dignity and promise to these once proud and prosperous people”


Open dates

New Hope Cambodia is open weekdays, and closed weekends and Cambodian Public Holidays (see below).


From humble beginnings as a grassroots organisation, New Hope Cambodia has become an internationally respected non-government organisation (NGO) supported by individuals, businesses and service organisations worldwide.

New Hope Cambodia now offers a range of services and facilities including:


In 2007 Soth Kemsour, an ex-Buddhist monk and the son of a village chief, purchased some land in Mondul Bai, Siem Reap province which is located in one of the poorest slum areas in Cambodia.

Once a military base, Mondul Bai was the home of some 300 families which comprised of soldiers and their relatives, sex workers and displaced men, women and children. It also contained many dysfunctional families. Many men had been killed whilst serving in the army and numerous adults, both men and women had died of disease. Children often had to either rely on elderly relatives and siblings for care or had to simply fend for themselves.

In order to survive many of the young girls fell victim to the sex trade and then had children themselves. Without any means of support these young girls had no future and many of them died prematurely from sexually transmitted diseases.

The people of Mondul Bai had no formal education and their employment opportunities were extremely limited. Their living conditions were appalling and their access to food was scarce.

Kemsour couldn’t ignore the chronic malnutrition, ill health and the horrific living conditions he was confronted with everyday.

As Kemsour appreciated that education plays a vital role in breaking the cycle of poverty he, to the dismay of his new wife, sold all their assets and built a small grass hut where he taught English and Japanese.

From these very humble beginnings New Hope Cambodia was born.

Open dates

New Hope Cambodia is open weekdays, and closed weekends and Cambodian Public Holidays.

2019 Public Holidays

Date Holiday In Lieu
1st Jan International New Year Day 4th Jan
7th Jan Victory Over Genocide Regime Day  
19th Feb Meak Bochea Day 22nd Feb
8th March International Women’s Day  
8th – 12th April School Closed  
15th – 19th April Khmer New Year  
1st May International Labour Day 3rd May
13th – 15th May King Norodom Sihamoi’s Birthday  
18th May Visak Bochea Ceremony  
20th May Remembrance Day 7th June
18th May Visak Bochea Ceremony  
22nd May Royal Plowing Ceremony 14th June
1st June International Children’s Day  
18th June Queen Norodom Monineath Sihanouk’s Birthday 21st June
23rd – 27th Sept Pchum Ben Day  
24th Sept Constitutional Day  
30th Sept – 11th Oct School Closed  
15th Oct Commemoration Day of King’s father Norodom Sihanouk  
23rd Oct Paris Peace Agreement Day 8th Nov
29th Oct King Norodom Sihamoni’s Coronation Day  
9th Nov National Independence Day  
11th – 15th Nov Water Festival ceremony  
10th Dec International Human Rights Day 13th Dec