New Hope Cambodia values all volunteers who have come to help us and the people of Mondul Bai. We hope that past volunteer’s comments and experiences can be shared with those who may be considering volunteering with us.

New Hope is a wonderful place with fantastic people.
I volunteered teaching English for 2 weeks and absolutely loved it. I can say for sure that the kids and staff taught me more than I could ever wish to teach them.
The staff are friendly and kind, willing to help you with anything you need!
Also, the food in the restaurant is delicious.
If you are thinking about volunteering or visiting I would whole heartedly recommend. I’ll admit it’s a scary prospect going to a country on the other side of the world, but I will never forget this experience and cherish the memories forever.

– Miss Catherine White, Nottingham, United Kingdom – 9 July 2018

I loved working at New Hope in January, The staff were so dedicated and the children a delight to work with. The whole experience was so rewarding and it was indeed a privilege to work there. Keep up the good work and I hope to be back again next year!

– Mrs pam beacom, Wicklow, Ireland – 17 February 2017

One of the greatest places in the whole entire world! So much love for all the staff, families and gorgeous children. These people will change your lives through the smallest acts of kindness.

– Miss Zinnia Bath, Sydney, Australia – 11 October 2016

Volunteering in New Hope Cambodia is a rewarding experience that opens your eyes to another world filled with joy , sharing and especially smiling ! The project is not only to teach English to children but also to create a contact with them and to live in community in another culture, which is in my opinion, an opportunity not to be missed! I enjoyed so much getting involved in this project and I look forward to come back as soon as possible..

– Miss Barbara Lambert, Geneva, Switzerland – 13 September 2016

It is extremely hard for me to put into words how I feel about New Hope Cambodia. I was so overwhelmed with the children’s eagerness to learn and participate in the school’s program. The children are very well supported and looked after, as are the children’s families. New Hope is not just a school, there is also a clinic onsite, which helps to ensure the children’s (and families) health is in order. The school is so well set up, the students learn via curriculum and the teachers are constantly updating their skills. I could not recommend New Hope Cambodia enough. The volunteers are so well looked after. All staff is so amazing – kind, friendly, will help you with anything to make your time in Cambodia a truly amazing experience. I will absolutely be returning, without a doubt. I feel so honoured to be involved with such a great volunteer program. This Australian returned home with a very full heart!!

– Miss Rochelle Chisholm, New South Wales, Australia – 6 September 2016

this is good for child and adult for their future i hope to help people like you do

– Miss Eang Chomnan, Phnom Phen, Cambodia – 2 November 2015

I had the most wonderful time teaching at New Hope. The organisation is inspiring, it allows you responsibility whilst giving great direction. The kids are wonderful and the whole environment is so friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend this experience.

– Miss Katya Warwick, London, United Kingdom – 25 October 2015

Honesty, integrity and kindness are all desirable ‘qualities’ in people where I am from . My greatest experience with New Hope and in Cambodia, was this these values are integrated into the hearts and souls of every individual. These children are filled with spirit and joy and it was more than a pleasure to teach them, it was a privileged. I am truly honored to have been apart of this program and will encourage others to participate in the most selfless and strong organization I have ever encountered

– Miss Tamara Violet Partridge, Melbourne, Australia – 20 October 2015

My time working at New Hope Cambodia was an unbelievably rewarding experience! It’s hard to put it into words as a teenager, but the work I did truly gave me happiness! The staff and the kids were extremely gracious, and I really enjoyed seeing the students’ enthusiasm and interest in learning! This experience has opened my eyes to a whole new part of the world, and it’s definitely changed my life. I’d really love to come back and work again, possibly even next year. New Hope Cambodia really does support a wonderful cause, and I was really honored to be able to lend my help to them!

– Mr Blake Watabe, Honolulu, United States – 27 September 2015

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when my girlfriend and I decided to volunteer at New Hope. It turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. The team take extra care to make sure you are comfortable and know what to do; the kids are wonderful and are full of energy and the teachers are truly dedicated to their task. Cambodia is a wonderful country. Getting off the plane, and never having been to South East Asia, I was a little cautious of the roads. The driving is comparatively crazy to Australia, but I didn’t see any road rage the entire time. They are a passive, patient people. There is so much to do and see in Siem Reap and beyond, and New Hope can help you to get there. Most importantly, the work New Hope does is inspirational. They provide food, medicine and support to the local people. Their work and sacrifice is amazing to see and experience.

– Mr Angus Manson, Sydney, Australia – 30 April 2015

I went travelling for six weeks at the beginning of 2015 around Thailand and Cambodia, and amongst all the things I did on my travels, I can truly say the two weeks I spent at New Hope was the highlight of my trip. Teaching in the school was so much fun and an amazing experience as the children are so easy to work with and really appreciate you being there. It was really eye opening, but amazing at the same time to be in the school and see the local area. In addition the New Hope staff were extremely welcoming and a pleasure to work with everyday. They do everything they can to ensure you enjoy your time at New Hope and also help you arrange extra activities to see the sites and experience the best of what Siem Reap has to offer during your time off. Finally there is also a number of different social activities arranged for the volunteers, so you can get to know each other and make friends for life (as I did)!. I’ll certainly be going back when I get the chance!

– Mr Andy Teale, London, United Kingdom – 18 April 2015

After a month of teaching at New Hope in March 2015, it is safe to say that I have come away with a piece of my heart still left in Siem Reap. I wholeheartedly believe that this was the best experience that I have ever undertaken (& I am always trying new things & pushing myself out of my comfort zone). The teaching staff & the volunteer support staff, as well as the Golden Village family, are so incredibly dedicated & make the already memorable experience even better. The children – well what can I even say? They are little bundles of sunshine. I have made a promise to myself that I will return again next year & try & save as often as I can to make it these visits a regular occurence. What I got from this experience is difficult to put into words, but one thing that is certain is that it is a strong feeling & a learning curve that will stay with me forever.

– Miss Amy Kenny, Ipswich, United Kingdom – 15 April 2015

Just completed our 4th volunteering term with New Hope and continue to be impressed by the dedication of all of the staff and the progress that is being made in the education, health and living conditions of the people of Mondul Bai village through the efforts of New Hope and the support of their sponsors. Can’t wait to get back for our 5th visit later this year and recommend the volunteering experience to virtually all age groups.

– Mr Robert & Jane Grant, Nelson Bay, Australia – 18 March 2015

I’m sitting here trying to think of some words to write to describe my experience at New Hope but it really is indescribable. I have been home now for a month, and my two weeks at New Hope were truly, one of the times in my life I will never forget. The people you meet touch your heart and soul in more ways than one. I will be forever grateful. If you are tossing up whether to go or not, don’t doubt it – just go, you will not regret it. Thank-you New Hope.

– Miss Brittany Daly, Adelaide, Australia – 1 March 2015

My month at NewHope was the greatest time I’ve had for years (and I enjoy life a lot all the time). The local people and the other volunteers were so friendly and helpful, and the children at the school were all lovely. I was a teacher in England in some great schools for around 30 years, but never ever encountered such enthusiasm and desire to learn as I did at NewHope. For anyone thinking of volunteering at the school or the drop in health centre, I say GO FOR IT. You don’t have to be a qualified teacher or whatever. You just need to have a genuine desire to help these wonderful people. And I can guarantee that you will make a difference, but – just as important – you will get so much from it yourself.

– Mr Peter Meredith, Wadebridge, United Kingdom – 22 January 2015

Thanks New Hope for another amazing experience this year. Getting out into the villages to meet (and treat) children and adults with disability, and their families was immensely rewarding, as was working alongside and getting to know the wonderful and welcoming Khmer staff and my lovely fellow volunteers. Physiotherapists and occupational therapists are much needed in the disability program!!!

– Mrs Judith Nance, Brisbane, Australia – 25 December 2014

Hi New Hope Angles!!! I have been back in Australia for 2 weeks and it’s a daily struggle to settle back into the life I had here before It was only a short stay, but the day I had in the kitchen was one of the most memorable of my trip! I am seriously trying to work out how and when I can come back for longer!!!! Thankyou for opening my eyes to the goodness people are doing for others out there!! Xx Nicole Mayo.

– Miss Nicole Mayo, Melbourne, Australia – 20 November 2014

At the end of October I finished 5 weeks as a volunteer in the Outreach department at New Hope. It was a rewarding experience made better by the friendly Khmer staff and other volunteers from Germany, Britain and Australia. I can recommend as an opportunity of a lifetime. I will be returning.

– Mr Bob Page, Perth, Australia – 18 November 2014

Recently completed our 3rd volunteering stay with New Hope, the experiences were just as rewarding as our first visit. The dedicated NH staff and the joy of working with the Khmer children and people is a genuine pleasure and the progress being made is a credit to the Organisation. We will be coming back again!

– Mr Robert & Jane Grant, Nelson Bay, Australia – 16 September 2014

Volunteering at New Hope was one of the best experiences of my life. If like me you’ve never volunteered before and are feeling nervous, have no fear. The staff at New Hope are truly lovely and amazing people. From the moment I landed at Siem Reap airport, I couldn’t have been looked after any better. I volunteered in the school teaching grade 1. The children and teachers there are incredible people – very hard working! I can’t recommend volunteering at New Hope enough but don’t take my word for it – give it a try!!!

– Miss Shirley Tang, London, United Kingdom – 17 August 2014

Spending 3 weeks with grade two has completely changed my life. New Hope will change yours too. Everyone is extremely friendly, and I am keen to return as soon as possible. New Hope is truly amazing!

– Mr Mark Hughes, Sydney, Australia – 5 August 2014

I spent 10 days working at New Hope in February with Terry Moran installing fire equipment in the New Hope buildings. While I was there I saw most areas of New Hope’s operation and couldn’t help but be impressed by what is being achieved by the hard working staff and volunteers. I would like to continue a relationship with this friendly organization and hope to return and work with them in the future.

– Mr Brian Stitt, Sydney, Australia – 20 May 2014

Have just done my 5th trip to New Hope as a volunteer in the clinic.Amazing people with the biggest smiles and so grateful for help that is given. New Hope are doing a fantastic job and all the team there are truly wonderful. I will keep returning as a volunteer as my heart belongs in Cambodia.

– Miss Diane Ralston, Gold Coast, Australia – 10 April 2014

The 2 weeks that I spent volunteering at New Hope Cambodia was a delight and surpassed all my exceptions. From the warm welcome at the airport, getting settled in, the family feel that comes with the pastoral-orientated care at New Hope, the ease at which you could change from kindergarten class to more advances classes for a different teaching experience and the opportunity to assist with the projects group was sensational. Everyone working with New Hope, thank you again and I hope I gave something special to you as you have to me.

– Mr Jonathan Camphin, Brisbane, Australia – 19 March 2014

Volunteering at New Hope in the school has been such an eye-opening experience, the children are so friendly and willing to learn with the biggest smiles on their faces. This month has allowed me to really see the differences in cultures and lifestyles. Being at New Hope and participating in the rice drop has helped me to truly understand the work this organisation does. So organised and caring New Hope supports each student, family, volunteer and staff member. Ill be sure to be back to where the lifestyle is carefree, the people always say hello, time doesn’t matter but the memories and people do.

– Miss Georia Sumner, Adelaide, Australia – 24 February 2014

What a challenging and confronting experience we had at New Hope Cambodia. We were enriched by the simple lives of the Mondul Bai community and supported by the network of volunteers whose company we enjoyed immensely. The team of workers at NH are a delight to know and so welcoming. Loved going to “work” each day just to see the smiling faces of the staff and the children. No wonder so many volunteers return. Maybe we will someday too.

– Karen & Lyal, Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia – 5 December 2013

It was a wonderful experience working at New Hope- not only meeting the people at Mondul Bai and the New Hope team, but the other volunteers of all ages and from everywhere who formed such a welcoming and inclusive community. Riding back from my first day at the school, I was already waving to people I knew going past me in tuk-tuks!!

– Mrs Judith Nance, Brisbane, Australia – 29 November 2013

I’ve just returned from volunteering as a nurse in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The organisation I was fortunate enough to work for was called ‘New Hope Cambodia’, in association with DocTours. Mornings in the Helen Bonner health clinic were quite busy, mostly tending to the usual complaints of hypertension and chest infections. Occasionally though, things like monkey bites and possible Malaria were thrown into the mix- just to remind us that we are dealing with a very different population. One of the stunning things was how long people had often had their ailment. I often asked my translator to repeat himself when he would state the person had suffered this problem for X number of “years”. The on-site Australian nurse manages a very efficient health clinic, combining local and foreign staff, as well as a mix of invaluable and lively translators. Three nurses and three doctors were working at any one time, with Khmer translators provided where necessary. Also, there’s a pharmacy on-site, providing the community with essential medicines for free. A positive and effective vibe pervades the entire clinic. The afternoons usually involved home visits, some 10-15km out of town. This where I would awkwardly re-apply my mosquito repellent, whilst balancing on the back of a moving motorbike. Malaria is found on the outskirts of town, and I would probably rather fall off a ‘Moto’ than take my chances with those Mosquitos!. First stop was a discouragingly despondent young woman. I waded through the mud, the chickens, and the smaller siblings to approach her sickbed. She avoided my eye contact as I pulled across her Sari. Seeing her gaping wound, I fell prey to the predictable mindset of many new volunteers. ‘Quick let’s get her to a hospital for advanced wound healing techniques’. It seems entirely too unpalatable to leave her in these extraordinarily basic conditions; with an open wound the size of a fist. As I dressed her wound, I notice small ants trailing across her body. Now, in theory I might accept that she cannot access sophisticated healthcare; but in no way, practical or theoretical, would I accept her to be crawling with insects. As I smacked the ants off her, the translator was kind enough to explain the situation. He calmly explained that in Cambodia the medical system is very different; this spiel I can tell he has said many times before. “Our healthcare system is different in Cambodia…if people cannot afford treatments, they simply do not receive them”. I made a conscious effort to suppress my self indulgent mix of guilt and pity, and got on with dressing her wounds. Pity seemed to reconfigure as an empty and useless emotion under these circumstances. This sentiment of medical inaccessibility was echoed the next day in clinic. A very unwell looking teenager shuffled in, supported by the arms of her mother. I locked eyes with the other nurse; there is something unmistakable about the colour of those close to death. Mercifully, the other nurse sat the patient down and started taking her history. With a recent Leukaemia diagnosis, she was unable to afford treatment, and it was difficult to ascertain what treatments had been received thus far. The Khmer staff knew the routine; if you cant afford treatment you don’t get treatment. The exception to this rule is if the affected is under the age of 15. The nurse hesitated to ask “What’s your age?”. “16”. A hush fell upon the room, as we contemplated the consequences of this fateful and damning number. But for all the dismal aspects of being irrevocably sick in a developing nation, there are innumerable daily victories. The provision of basic medical care undoubtedly changes lives. Simple medical procedures, the access to antibiotics, correct diagnoses and the dispensing of medication for chronic conditions all work to keep the majority as healthy as possible. One such daily victory came in the form of a three year old girl. She presented to the clinic after having a surgical procedure at a local hospital. Her wound had started profusely bleeding after discharge. When she presented, we lifted up her little dress to find blood-soaked underpants and legs. Swallowing the shock on our faces, we applied pressure to her wound and bought her through to see a doctor. It was humbling that the mother knew she could carry this child to the clinic, for free and accessible care. As the mother was leaving, she was had handed a tiny pair of new underpants from the ‘donations’ pile. This wholistic care, and attention to detail, is ingrained in the daily running of the clinic that I was blessed to have worked with. I would so highly recommend a volunteer stint at New Hope Cambodia – you will think very differently after your return and with any luck you will have delivered help to the most deserving of communities. Amanda Mason-Jones, Registered Nurse.

– Mrs Amanda Meson-jones, Sydney, Australia – 29 November 2013

An experience I will never forget… Working as a teachers aid helping out the children and the teacher it greatly appreciated. The children are lovely and each one has there own different personality. Everyday you have a smile on your face as your doing a good thing. I did 3 weeks and I will return in the future. Do it, trust me you wont look back! 🙂

– Mr Haden Benseman, Wellington, New Zealand – 27 September 2013

Absolutely amazing experience and I think all the work the New Hope team are doing is brilliant. I was so proud to be part of it and I will be returning next year. The children are amazing and all the Khmer staff are very friendly and approachable. I did two weeks and I don’t feel like this was long enough I am looking to do a month next time 🙂

– Miss Caroline Howarth, Manchester, United Kingdom – 10 September 2013

This was the second visit to New Hope for My husband Greg and I. The aim of New Hope – educating young people to break the cycle of poverty – leads to positive outcomes. Volunteering at the school gave us the opportunity to work along side the Cambodian teachers. Assisting them with their students was a most worthwhile and rewarding experience. We would recommend volunteering to anyone who is considering it. We will be back again.

– Mrs Julie Sturges, Bendigo, Australia – 3 August 2013

I wish I had stayed longer at New Hope, the staff, the volunteers and the children were all amazing. Well organised and lots of support for volunteers, and I think the teachers appreciate volunteers to be an extra help! Hopefully I will be able to return again but if not I will remain friends with some of the staff forever!

– Miss Aoife Mulvenna, Belfast, Ireland – 2 July 2013

This was my 4th trip in 2 years and already planning my next trip. Hard to put into words the experience. Khmer people are truly amazing,always have a smile. Kemsour(Director)has an amazing heart. Thank you New Hope staff and keep up your wonderful work.

– Miss Diane Ralston, Gold Coast, Australia – 14 June 2013

My New Hope Cambodia experience was the most meaningful thing I have experienced in my life. Every one there was a inspiration to me, I was made feel like part of a large family. And the support I received from the staff truly amazing. So a Big thank-you to you all.

– Mrs Alice Feeney, Melbourne, Australia – 13 June 2013

This was our third visit to New Hope in two years and, yes, guys, we will be returning again and again. The work that you people do is inspirational and the heartfelt thanks we receive from the Khmer people and NH staff is what keeps us wanting to stay involved. Fantastic work by all of you. Thanks for making us always feel so welcome.

– Mrs Cheryl Berry, Dungog, Australia – 13 June 2013

New Hope is a wonderful place and it’s really easy to get involved and be a part of your designated classroom. The volunteering program is really well set up and there is always someone around to speak to if you have a question. I travelled by myself and had a fantastic time meeting the locals and other volunteers. I will definitely be going back.

– Catherine, Melbourne, Australia – 24 April 2013

If you are considering volunteering at New Hope Cambodia I have one piece of advice – DO IT! Working as a volunteer teacher for 4 weeks was probably the most rewarding experience of my life. I came away feeling inspired by the strength of spirit of the Khmer people and the amazing work that New Hope is doing. Keep up the good work and I hope to see you all again soon!

– Mrs Jillian Patte, London, United Kingdom – 20 April 2013

Once again I was truly honoured to volunteer at New Hope Cambodia. This was my third time volunteering at New Hope and it never ceases to be an amazing experience. In my previous years volunteering at New Hope I committed to 2 weeks teaching English in the Kindergarten class. Teaching the children was an extremely rewarding experience; seeing them everyday enthusiastic to learn. However this time I decided to commit myself to 4 weeks volunteering in the Outreach Department. I absolutely loved my time spent in Outreach. The staff were so welcoming and supportive. My time spent in Outreach provided me with the opportunity to become more aware of the services that New Hope provides to the community; in addition giving me an insight into the social issues prevalent in these underpriviledged communities. It was a priviledge to be able to be able to work with the Khmer people of Mondul 3. These people have so little yet are so willing to share the little they have. Moreover they consistently had a smile on their face; they are the happiest people I know. I am looking forward to returning to New Hope Cambodia in the near future!

– Miss Amy Tait, Adelaide, Australia – 4 March 2013

This place is a blessing to the people around it. They are providing the opportunity for community development and change. New Hope is creating a community of togetherness and support. The people are beautiful and the experience working with them will not be forgotten.

– Miss Bianca Hambly, Newcastle, Australia – 29 January 2013

Volunteering at New Hope Cambodia was amazing. Before going I was a little apprehensive about what it would be like – whether the organisation was well administered, what the other volunteers would be like and what the day to day conditions would be like. Everything turned out to be better than expected. New Hope Cambodia is a legitimate, well-run and well-intentioned NGO that takes excellent care of its volunteers and of the people it is trying to help. Doing volunteer work in a developing country allows you to experience the people and the culture in a way that you would never experience by simply being a tourist. It isn’t easy – witnessing the poverty and being out of your comfort zone makes it difficult but the rewards are enormous. I felt I was helping despite the fact that I had never had any experience as a kindy class teacher (which was the class in which I was assisting). It felt great to be able to give something to people who have so little. The other volunteers and staff I met added to the rewarding experience – they were amazing! People from all walks of life choose to volunteer and work at New Hope and the ones I met were all lovely people whose main concern was to make a difference. I feel fortunate to have been able to do the volunteer work at New Hope and I know I will return as soon as I can.

– Miss Elena Marchetti, Wollongong, Australia – 25 January 2013

I visited your centre in 2011 before your new classrooms were built. I would love to return in 2013. This time to volunteer in the classroom. I am a teacher.

– Mrs Gaye Launder, Brisbane, Australia – 27 December 2012
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