Boundary Fence Relocation

Boundary Fence Relocation at New Hope Cambodia’s Expense!

It has been all systems go at New Hope Cambodia (NHC) over the last month to assist with the relocation of our boundary fence and walkway.Boundary Fence Relocation

Our fence and walkway were required to be relocated due to the Siem Reap City Infrastructure Development Project also know as the 38 Roads Project.

The original main road from the River to NHC was only 4m wide, causing significant problems for large buses or trucks to access. NHC seen the impact of the road not being wide enough as in the past clients have not been able to access our School for Volunteering or to access the Restaurant.

This new development will see the road widened to 8m, meaning our fence and walkway must be moved 1.4m into New Hope Cambodia’s property.

Not only did we have to relocate the fence we also had to rip up our existing walk way to make way for the new changes

Boundary Fence RelocationAll costs associated with the relocation of the fence and walkway unfortunately is at New Hope Cambodia’s expense. Due to the last few months this was an added cost we did not need.

New Hope Cambodia is not the only property affected by this project. People have lost their homes and other businesses are in the same situation.

Over the years a significant number of our Staff, Volunteers and Sponsors assisted with installation of the fence and the walkway.


Below are photographs of the completed work:

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