Sponsor a University Student

Help us by running a University Scholarship Program which enables a very poor student to complete tertiary education.

Sponsor a University Student from around AU$640 per year for 4 years

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There are a lot of students in Cambodia who despite achieving outstanding results at secondary school, cannot afford to pay for tertiary education and whilst they understand that their biggest stepping stone out of poverty is through education, the cost of university is well beyond the means of most Year 12 students.

Your sponsorship of a university student will impact greatly on the sponsored student’s family, community and country.

Many staff members at Sunrise New Hope are continuing their education at a tertiary level thanks to student sponsorships. This also means that they are better able to perform the roles they have as teachers, administrators, translators and social workers for Sunrise New Hope.

Also many students who attend English classes at Sunrise New Hope are now finishing Year 12 at government school and wishing to continue their education at a tertiary level.

Your donation will pay for the student’s university fees, with the option to also assist with necessities such as text books, notebooks, pens, pencils etc. University sponsorships are paid as a lump sum annual donation.

What do I need to do?

Please complete the form below telling us that you either want to sponsor a student or require more information and we will ask our Education Sponsorship Coordinator to get in touch with you.

Once we receive your application confirming your wish to proceed our Sponsorship Coordinator will make arrangements to identify a student who matches your preference.

University Student sponsorship enquiry form