Vocational Training

New Hope Cambodia provides a training restaurant, computer and sewing classes to help young adults gain employment in local businesses.


Training Restaurant

New Hope Cambodia operates a traditional Khmer Training Restaurant under the expert guidance of ex-Foreign Correspondents’ Club Head Chef, Srey Mom.

  • New Hope Cambodia’s Training Restaurant was established in July 2010 with the aim of teaching unemployed Khmers valuable cooking and hospitality skills, and developing their confidence and employment opportunities.
  • Visitors and volunteers are welcome to experience our Restaurant cuisine, Monday through Friday, and money generated from the restaurant goes directly to fund the New Hope Cambodia school.

Sewing Classes

New Hope Cambodia provides sewing classes for both female and male students. They are taught how to make dresses, school uniforms, aprons, pencil cases and bags. Through this training initiative students have the opportunity to find employment in the tailoring industry or to open their own small businesses by working from home.

Computer Classes

New Hope Cambodia provides computer training for students who are unable to afford their own computers. They are taught word processing and spreadsheet applications. This training enables them to seek employment opportunities which would have previously been denied to them.