Outreach Program

An outreach program feeding over 340 impoverished families.

The Outreach Program conducts regular assessments of individual family situations and provides a range of services including counselling and support, and feeding of impoverished families.

Based out of Mondul 3, the Outreach Program serves to better the Cambodian people by conducting regular assessments of individual family situations and providing the relevant support needed to assist the families. Sunrise New Hope also works with relevant authorities and police in the fight against human trafficking.

Sunrise New Hope’s Outreach Program:

  • Feeds over 340 impoverished families each month
  • Issues birth certificates and documents so families will be “legalized” and able to access the public health system, public education, and have the right to vote
  • Educates the community on human and drug trafficking, and gambling and alcohol issues
  • Repairs housing and installs water pumps
  • Provides mosquito nets, blankets, woven mats, and bicycles.